Aug 13

LinuxMagic has some fine tool that helps you manage your Qmail Queue.

In my case, whenever my mailserver is reaching it’s thresholds for SPAM, i’ll clear the Queue, NOT by deleting messages, but by giving them more age. Whatever fits best for you and your customers, but in my case, i have to clear all the MAILER-DEMON messages from time to time because they stack up in the Queue because the FAKE-SENDER-HOST isn’t reachable.

#stop the qmail-send process
svc -d /service/qmail-send

#make sure no more qmail-remote are running
ps -ax|grep qmail-remote

#give all Mailer Demon Notices a high age.
#Results in a LAST delivery attempt on qmailside.
qmail-remove -i -p "MAILER-DAEMON" -X 0

#startup qmail
svc -u /service/qmail-send

#See the logfiles for the magic to happen
2007-08-13 15:55:52.069062500 delivery 911: failure: Sorry,_I_wasn't_able_to_establish_an_SMTP_connection.

cheers, good stuff!

Mar 15

Since 2 weeks i had to call my ISP like 6 or 7 times to get my DSL link fixed. As i use my gentoo box at home via VPN for all kinds of Webdav, email etc. solutions i was looking for a backup to get INTO that router once the connection fails due the DSL being broken again.

Time to bring my old AVM ISDN card into the game again. I wanted a solution that allows me to DIAL IN to my router via my PowerBook via mobile, getting a proper IP connection to it, mainly for SSH to fix the DSL or whenever necessary to SURF over this connection.

After a lot of searching (this topic seems to be outdated with all this DSL, UMTS around) i finally came up with this configuration:


msn 123456 #change to local msn
protocol hdlc
cli 123456 #change to dialing number
unit 5
auth +pap

The authentication uses /etc/ppp/pap-secrets and expects something like this:

#username localhostname password ip_for_dialing_host
dude router blub


#in order to have the card LISTENING all the time.
p0:23:respawn:/usr/sbin/pppd call dialin

preload preload preload