Mar 13

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I am using a Squid Proxy in my home network to filter outbound access. The WLAN configuration in my iPhone is using this proxy too, but since there is no ‘exclude from proxy’ option there, everything on any ports gets thrown at this Squid Proxy. The Ping Tool is also using a specific port to receive it’s messages. I also sent a mail to the developer, telling him to consider a more friendly port (80,443) for his app so people could use this app also behind firewalls, proxies which you have … at least in a corporate environments.

No answer so far. So here is the solution, at least to get it to work if you have access to your Squid Proxy.

acl http proto http
acl iphone_push dstdomain
acl iphone_push_port port 1919
always_direct allow iphone_push
http_access allow CONNECT iphone_push_port iphone_push
http_access allow http iphone_push_port iphone_push

make sure its BEFORE those entries:

http_access deny !Safe_ports
http_access deny CONNECT !SSL_ports
http_access deny all


Update: This is obsolete by now. I think they realized to use standard ports.

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